Anton Mostert


With a strong sense of community and a passion for Equestrian sport, Anton has dedicated the past 12 years to the Shongweni Club in his quest to turn it into a World Class Equestrian Facility, a general sporting hub and family friendly environment. As a property Developer by trade Anton recognizes the value of the Shongweni Club legacy left to us by our predecessors and the vital role we play in managing this asset into the future

“I am richly rewarded when I see progress being made with the upgrading of facilities and, better still, watching families spending quality time together in South Africa’s beautiful outdoors – we are privileged to be able to use and enjoy this amazing venue, and I see it as my primary goal to protect and develop it to its maximum potential.”

Shelly Moore

Vice Chair

Shelly held the reins as treasurer of DSC for a period of just under 2 years prior to being elected as vice chair in October 2014. She is an avid equestrian and a competitive show jumper who has been a member of DSC for a number of years. She is a supply chain professional by training and currently holds a Logistics Executive position at a large corporate concern.

In her current portfolio, she assists with control of operational management of the club as well as liaison with external stakeholders. She is passionate about ensuring that the club prospers and continues to grow and develop and meet the needs of all current and future members and visitors, and is proud to be associated with the enormous improvements that have been made here over recent years. Much of this is thanks to the tireless dedication and support of members. previous committees and corporate sponsors and benefactors!

Antony Kerdachi


Antony Kerdachl was co-opted onto the DSC committee In August and formally elected as a trustee at the Annual General meeting. Antony has an Accounting practice in Hillcrest and has been providing Tax , accounting and payroll services for the past 13 years.

in his current portfolio he is responsible for all aspects of the accounting function. He assists the administration staff on payroll and bookkeeping issues.

His enthusiasm and commitment towards the club is evident is the tireless effort and time that he contributes towards the cub. His ambition is to ensure that the Shongweni club becomes the Number equestrian complex In South Africa . as part of a professional and well balanced team of committed and Enthusiastic members these goals will be achieved.



Ian Gourley


Ian has worked in advertising locally and abroad for over 20 years. He is the creative director for a global ad agency and brings a strong sense of marketing to Shongweni club. Re-positioning and ensuring that we have a relevant place in where the area is going and the equestrian community as a whole.

He is a stabler at the club and is also the vice chairman of our recently formed Polocrosse club.


Andrew Mackinnon

Committee Member

Andrew practices as an attorney at a Durban firm. He was elected onto the committee in 2016.